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A medical opinion is an opinion given by a medical expert. That is, only a qualified physician with relevant certificates and experience in the relevant field.

The opinion is of crucial importance to the outcome of the legal proceedings. If you have filed a claim alleging that you have been harmed (physically or mentally), whether it is as a result of negligence or other reasons, which led to a medical disability, you have a duty to substantiate your claim through a medical expert opinion which will be submitted to the court.

At the Click Medical Center, we take care of selecting for you the leading experts in the specific medical field of the claim. These specialists have been selected “with tweezers” and they will make sure to write a well-worded testimonial, which will reflect the medical condition in the most professional and comprehensive way. This is in addition to the ability to appear in court and to testify in court.

Custom Chabad • Chabad from experienced doctors who are experienced in writing and appearing in court • Your success is our success!

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Common cases in which we will use a medical opinion:

Claims in cases of medical malpractice – due to poor medical treatment you received which caused you physical or mental damage.

Claims against insurance companies – due to accident, illness, loss of ability to work.

Claims of the Ministry of Defense – in case you were harmed within the framework of the Security Service.

Social Security claims – a disability claim that is intended to be filed with the National Insurance Institute or for income tax.

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